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When you first arrive at Koh Tao, the island will welcome you with the gentle sea air upon your face. Your feet will feel warm as they step on the ivory-white sand. Your eyes will notice the colorful coral reefs beneath the crystal clear water. You may also find yourselves walk along the shoreline at Sai Daeng Beach, a unique red and white sand shore in the south of Koh Tao. You may also travel further south of the island to see the panoramic view of Chalok Baan Kao and Thian Og bays at John-Suwan viewpoint. You can also found peace and solitude at June Juea bay, where you can lay down and listen to the gentle sound of the sea.  Many more stunning scenic views are still waiting to be discovered at Koh Tao, the jewel of the Gulf of Thailand

Pinnacle Koh Tao Resort is at the unique location since it’s located in a hidden bay on the south-west side the island. Let’s yourself escape to our quiet beach on the serene island retreat. With its Villas nestled on the hillside overlooking the Gulf of Thailand you can and enjoy its spectacular evening sunsets.